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Business Services Supporting Attorneys Business Services Supporting Attorneys
Our staff has completed legal transcription, research for lawyers on numerous subjects and managed, shadowed, Bates stamped and indexed large document productions.  We have drafted deposition summaries, performed online research, indexed pleadings, completed answers to interrogatories and compiled document requests for production of documents.
Business Services Supporting Physicians Business Services Supporting Physicians
Our staff has completed medical transcription, online research for medical expert witness testimony, reviewed and drafted medical chronologies and organized physicians’ offices.
Business Services Supporting Businesses
Our staff has performed online research for speeches, created presentations, business record databases of clients’ documents, manuals, forms and reports for business clients. We have completed data entry when the office was behind in its workloads.
Document Organization
Turn your piles into files! Our staff has completed on and off site organization of existing file systems (up to 850,000 documents), purged and archived documents, created documents for location of historical files and set up companies with new filing systems.
Personal Script Services
Our staff has completed resumes and term papers, wedding and shower invitations, Christmas or special event cards and letters, class reunion biography booklets, wedding service brochures and wedding party brochures.
Notary Services
Notary Services – Notary in and for the State of Nebraska (Identification Required)
We are your virtual office assistance - paralegal, secretarial and office support - only when you need it.